Monday, December 3, 2012

day 1 bomber mountain 2012

ever since we moved to sheridan I wanted to make a backpacking trip to bomber mountain.

this required a 6 mile hike to the camping location and then another ~2 mile hike to the bomber…straight up a boulder field.

it took a little time to get hubby interested. but when we asked for backpacking packs for christmas one year and then got them for christmas…there was no excuse. we pretty much had all the equipment. except for light sleeping bags…but we’ve fixed that problem since.

so hubby and I planned the trip finally this past summer. 3 days. we were going to hike the 6 miles to the camping spot, mistymoon lake. hike to the bomber the next day and then hike out the 3rd day.


we had the house a mess. but once we loaded our packs the house was back semi clean. initially the packs felt “light.” they sure didn’t last long once we got to hiking.

we loaded up the car and drove the 90 minutes to the trailhead. but gave ourselves plenty of time to make our camp spot by dark.



of course the puppies wasted no time climbing in the car. they do a pretty good job keeping us entertained. they were excited.


loaded up and headed up the trail. the day was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for better weather.


yes. the dogs had packs. they carried their own food going in. but then carried some of our stuff coming out. they will be carrying more the next time! Smile


signs are always nice to find. you know you’re going the right way. and yes. I hike in chacos. I love them. and I didn’t have to worry about rock hopping at creek crossings. I took a pair of shoes because I didn’t want to boulder hop with no ankle support.


at the top of this drainage in these pictures was our destination. we were halfway there when we hit this lake. the pups were ready for a cool off swim and we needed more water so it was perfect. this trip was our first trip using our water filter pump. its all in your mind, but sometimes you feel like the water is just tasting different. I didn’t mind…I’ve done it in the past. I think it took a little while for hubby to grasp the idea. but we are both still alive today so it didn’t kill us.


the last 3 miles went by quicker than the first 3 miles. there were lakes that we passed and we knew we had to be getting closer to Mistymoon.


I feel like hubby and I were never happier to see a body of water. we immediately dropped our packs and started looking for a campsite.


the grass patch in the left picture is where we decided to pitch our tent for the night. and you can also see the lakes we passed coming up. the farthest lake was the halfway point at 3 miles. it looked so much closer than when we were actually hiking it.


camp was set up and we decided to make some dinner and explore the lake.




I absolutely love this picture. you can see our tent and you can see down valley. perfect!


trying to keep the dogs out of the water before we went to bed that night was a fun task. they did fairly well and only fell in a couple times.


we tried to take a little family photo…but it’s a lot more difficult in a little boulder field than I thought. this was the best picture we managed to get.

we snuggled into bed that night and prepared for the next day….to summit bomber mountain.

come back to get the 411 on day 2 of our trip!


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