Saturday, December 1, 2012

the new abode

hubby and I have always talked about buying a house. but we didn’t want to make something so permanent until we were sure it was going to be home for at least a few years. we started looking at houses. got ahold of our realtor friend and started making the rounds looking at houses.

it was fun, but completely exhausting to look at houses.

I really liked walking into a house and knowing that there was no way this was our house. it made things so much easier.

we first started looking at houses in the lower price range. but they didn’t have a garage or a fenced yard. a fenced yard was kind of a must have with the two blondes. and we felt we really needed a garage or some sort of storage unit that came with the house. no sense in paying monthly for a storage unit somewhere else.

so we changed our price range and found some cute houses with the garage AND fenced yards.

most of them still needed some work to be a completed house….like unfinished basements. that I felt was not something I want to deal with as a first time home owner. sure I don’t have a problem with home repairs….but I didn’t want to walk into a house and have to finish a basement. I’m okay with painting…but sheet rocking….I haven’t the slightest clue.

all of the houses without finished basements were OUT!

we browsed most of the houses online prior to setting up an appointment to see the inside. every house had pictures on the internet of the inside except for one. we didn’t know if we wanted to take the time to see it. it only had a picture of the front of the house. we had driven by the house and saw the nice yard and a very nice 2 car detached garage. we took the plunge and decided to look at the inside.


we immediately walked into a nice spacious kitchen.


there was some older carpet in the master bedroom.


mustard colored 70’s shag carpet. AND the bathroom off the master bedroom had carpet in it too. I knew that would be the first thing to be updated if we bought the house.

the other 2 rooms had linoleum in them.


and….as hubby says, “look its already blue for when we have our boy.”
yes. yes it is babe. but for right now it will probably be a guest room.


nice spacious living room.

we fell in love with this house. it was in a quiet neighborhood. the yard was a huge upgrade from where we were renting. actually…in the yard the previous owners had a garden…and the size of their garden was the size of our backyard. our yard now is probably 7 times the size of the old yard.


(you can see part of the garden plot here)

this is the majority of the backyard. I joked with aron that the puppies would probably think we were just at the dog park with the big yard.

we looked at one more house after this house, but still came back to the “Martin House".” we cleaned up some bills that needed to be taken care of and closed on the house on July 19th. it was ours! we were excited.

that day we dealt with our work stuff and then took the puppies over for their first romp. it brought tears to my eyes. they were so happy to have so much room to run. I felt like I could literally see their smiles. I’m sure they didn’t know it was all theirs….but its so nice for them to have so much room.

we were pretty well packed at our old place. I knew before we moved into the house I wanted to replace the master bedroom floor. hubby and I pulled the carpet out and got ready to lay wood floors.

thankfully we had help from some amazing people otherwise we might still be sleeping on the living room floor.


there was linoleum under the carpet….it wasn’t bad looking, but we had already bought the wood flooring and I was ready for the new look.


so much better than the shag.


please come visit! we have plenty of room!


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