Tuesday, December 13, 2011

let’s try this again!


weather around wyoming has slowly become more winter like.

doesn’t bother me. not one bit.

last night…right before I tried to fall asleep I read run.around.aroo’s post on spring marathons. this quickly got my hyped about actually signing up for a full.

I mean I will be fully into a half marathon training come march….


I’ll be in moab completely the canyonlands half marathon on st. paddy’s day!


and so what’s another couple months of training (in the spring) and completing my first marathon?!

registration begins january 1st.

I’m seriously thinking about it. it would be a lot of fun. close to home.

now…on to the fun stuff.

in just 3 short days…i will have my 1 year anniversary for my silly little blog.

since the giveaway didn’t go so well the last time….remember the whole “guess the weight of my little boy?”

yeah….well…I still have that starbucks gift card just begging to be given away.


to enter:
be a follower and leave a comment telling me you are.
blog, facebook, tweet (follow me @ashehutton) and leave a comment for what you did.
and for extra credit (and another entry) tell me  something the made this last year spectacular for you.

ready. set. go.

oh gawd….I hope this goes better than last time.

entries will be taken up until friday night! I’ll announce the winner saturday morning!


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

FYI there were some errors in your writing: Should be me not my, and should be completing not completely. And you have to dress up for the run on St. patty's day!

That is all oh btw I follow fb to read these! Summer on the hunter crew!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Fine since you are being so technical about this that comment up there ^ is from me your sister, eddie

Bobbie Perkins said...Best Blogger Tips

I am a follower! Good Luck with your training:)

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