Sunday, December 4, 2011

tree is decorated and stockings are hung

its taken a few days weeks, but christmas season has finally arrived at our house.

we brought the tree home from hunting.


and that’s where it laid for a little while. we managed to bring in the box full of decorations.

Hubby was going one way, I was going the other. our schedules were just not working out.

finally we were able to at least put it up right and add lights.


there were little issues…..


but nothing we couldn’t fix.

do you see the nice little curve in the tree trunk? now imagine it doing that the whole way up and trying to get it straight.


I hold the tree while Hubby tightens the bottom.


the semi-finished product.


finally we took some time to add ornaments!


we’re thrilled. really. can’t you tell?


Huby’s “peek patrol” ornament. its motion activated too. its currently in the off position…not because I would try to sneak a peek or anything. Winking smile


and what’s adventuresome wyomingite without the pups? they didn’t really know what was going on but knew if they didn’t want to get beat yelled at they would stay away!


my tree is not complete without my fishing ornament. maybe I need a deer killing ornament now?


I promise the lights are turned on and plugged in. I just have a sucky camera.


stockings are hung. poor remi roo doesn’t have a stocking.


no tree is complete without presents under it.

thankfully we made it home today. not without some closed roads (that were open before we had to decide what to do). I hate unpacking as much as I hate packing!

we’re all snuggled in. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow….maybe….Hubby has to be somewhere at 0800….so I may just get up and hit the gym.


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