Monday, December 12, 2011

my first race medal

race medal

I received this little gem in the mail today.

thanks to this…

race results

somehow I finished 3rd in my age class!

surprise to me…and I didn’t know this until AFTER we were halfway home. sad. I missed the awards ceremony.

thankfully the nice people that organized the race sent me my medal.

if we want to get technical…the first overall female was also in our age class….so TECHNICALLY I got 4th, but they take out the top male and female since they already get an overall award.

time for some sweet race photos.

mile 1

this was at mile 1. super focused. good work. I didn’t even see the guy….but some one else did.

mile 1 aron

he’s so cute. so is my little blonde.


I did see this guy. I was happy at the finish!

finish 2

ok…so maybe I wasn’t THAT happy. Winking smile

and again…I DIDN’T see this guy. damn.

and just because I can’t resist!


aren’t they cute?

yay for the moab winter sun 10k!

off to bake cookies.


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