Friday, December 2, 2011

long road trip

this weekend Hubby and I (and dogs) are going to spend more time in the car than we would really like to.

yesterday we left sheridan in the morning and drove to trashper.

a snow storm had rolled through the night before so most of the roads have looked like this.


just one giant ice rink.

thankfully we did make it safely and it really didn’t take us that much longer than normal.

we stayed in trashper with some really good friends and were up early this morning and on the road some more.

again more of the same road conditions. except the wind blows a lot more….so it was really bad.

thankfully Hubby allows me to have the anxiety attacks for both of us when a big gust of wind causes you to lose traction and slide sideways into oncoming traffic.

we did see one truck upside down….that always makes me more nervous.

so to combat the anxiety attacks (Hubby doesn’t care for when I’m gasping and grabbing onto the handle) I buried my nose into my study material and didn’t look up.

as I type we are in colorado and the roads are clear. phew.

I didn’t tell you where we’re headed.

we’re enroute to a race! yay! the winter sun10k in moab, ut.  Hubby, I, Mom and Dad are all racing and maybe Twogees.

but for now…I’m continue to giggle at this little boy sleeping in uncomfortable looking positions….


check back soon (like maybe saturday night) for the full race report. and maybe a shiny new 10k PR!


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